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John 16:13 How be it when he, the Ruach of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of him/herself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come. 


The only way to the Kingdom we will rule is the "ancient path," knowing your true Abba father whose name is Yah, and is the messiah Yahusha. And honoring your ancestors' agreement to serve Yah. “We will serve Yahua our Elohim and obey His voice,” Josh 24:24 These teachings are taught by the descendants of Israel, of which I am one. I teach Torah, the prophets, and Brit Hadassah (New Testament) the Evry or Hebraic way.


Revelation 14:6 tells of everlasting good news preached to the ends of the earth in end times.  Why? Because the true good news has not been taught to the earth since the captivity of Israel. 


Understanding Mo'ed's (appointed times) can keep you aligned with Yah's times and prophecy.  Observing the Mo'edeem or Appointed Times, not Holidays, is keep to hearing from Yah and understanding the times, seasons and his true word hidden in the leven of the nation's doctrine. 

About sister Racheal. I learned I was a descendant of Israel on my mother's side when I discovered that the Ashanti tribe in Ghana were Levites. We had heard so much about the history of Nanny of the Maroons and our family has land in Morant Bay where Nanny's Maroons reside in the South East of Jamaica. These are the Evri from Ghana, which means "Hebrews," the Latin word for what the Greeks called EvirYacah.



And I was always reminded I was a Maroon. When I saw Nanny on the Jamaican five dollar bill, many said I look like her. Although it is a fictional representation, it had significance to me. When I awakened all the connections between my family and lineage and scripture coalesced. I later learned I was blesed as the Ganaga of my family by my Ashanti grandfather at age one. He was our families Ganaga is Jamaica. I just learned that last year. And here I am. After reading the word yearly for almost 22 years, I woke up to flat earth. And then that the African Diaspora was Yahsharel.

Naga or H5046 - nāḡaḏ is the Evri word for Chief, ruler, Prince, messenger or leader. "Ga'ah" means to rise up, grow up, be lifted up, raised up, exalted.My grandfather, Ganaga, raised up, exalted chief, ruler, leader, prince, anointed me, ganaga, also.

Paul Bogle Jamaican General of Morant Bay Revolution
Queen Nanny of the Maroons of Jamaica Ashanti Levite
Negroid King James of Ireland and Scotland Descendant of Jamaican Endentured Servants Black Scotts.jpg

This is very significant because this is also the region where Paul Bogle is from. Paul Bogal is Cameroonian. Another of my African relatives are the Black Scotts of Britain, the McPherson's. Likely related to King James.All of my young adult life a voice whispered in my ear, "remember you are a descendant of Paul Bogle, remember..."

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