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Eat Well - Fast, Eat Life



Original Foods

Learn why a Hebraic live-it (not die-yet) of original, home grown, non-hybrid and non-GMO foods are a pillar of healthly living


The Benefits of Fasting & Juicing

Learn why taking the bad out with fasting as a form of detoxification is just as important as getting the good in. Abstinance from food makes your heart grow healthier and fonder of the Most High.


Body Detoxification & Grounding

Outdoor hiking, exercise, and earthing helps detox and sheild your body from chemical and radiation fields. fabrics, lotions soaps and potions you put on your body can help with this too. And internal use herbs, clays and extracts also help cleanse your temple.

A Hebraic Lifestyle is essential to keeping Torah.

This book is summed up in this page but goes into detail in the book listed below.

Original Foods: East Well Eat Life

Fresh organic heirloom tomatoes straight

Photo Above: An original heirloom yellow watermellon. Note the large seeds.

But isn't eating biblically archaic? Haven't we evolved?

Where can I get the best plant-based foods

The Maker's Menu says: "...Every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in that which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat." Gen 1:29. So, plant based foods are equal to meat? Yes. Plant based food is the key to long life and health. Only original (Yah)-made foods are alkaline. This means they are not acidic, so they won't rob your bones or cells of essential minerals. Dr. Sebi's alkaline, plant based foods are part of the protocols for eating you will learn. You may view food lists my YouTube Channel Live Light Well: We are "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made."

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Overwhelming studies by Dr. Campbell's China Study and the studty of 7th Day Adventist who eat the Maker's Menu prove the biblical diet is the healthiest. Following biblical food law is essential to maintaining health. The Most High knew we would enter a time when our food would be contaminated by environment, GMO's, hybridization and flesh defiled by contaminants. And mixing one seed with another. Today human flesh has even entered our fast foods. There is nothing wrong with eating meat, fish, and poultry. But bio-accumulation of toxins is higher in flesh. And you are what you eat. It's more toxins that your body has to cope with eliminating and separating from the nutrients. Most of all, like most herbivores, we have long digestive tracts better suited to vegetables. Animal flesh tends to stay longer in the gut and increase acidity, gut plaque build-up, which invites parasites to come in and have a meal and even stay a while. And then you have to get rid of them. Fasting & Body Detoxification and Healing Reactions are 3 MORE WAYS TO PURGE THEM:

A plant based diet grown in your own garden and knowing your local farmer is the best option for good health. Locally grown foods strengthen your immune system because they contend with local contaminants, bacteria, parasites viruses and pathogens. They prepare, protect you and derive the benefits from the environment you live in. Farmer's markets and even large chains now supply organic foods. But more than anything, Home grown is the best. Always use your senses to compare store bought to home-grown or farmer's market foods to see what they say about the authenticity of the food. See how it looks, smells, tastes... A wild apple is the most nutritious and turns brown, or oxidizes immediately. This oxidation, when it hits your lymphatic system oxygenates your body, driving out pathogens out of your GUT, LYMPH so acidity doesn't build up and compromise your bones. Oxygen in the body aids it in eliminating toxins, and delivering minerals like vitamin C. An apple that doesn't turn brown immediately won't do this as well. Notice... what your senses tell you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made!