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The Cause of Disease


Foreign Invaders

Antibiotics & Pharmaceuticals


The Human Microbiome is the balance of healthy gut bacteria that affects your digestion, lymphatic system and brain. The lymph is the cleansing system of the body. Toxins like BPA, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, Heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, environmental pollutants and toxins all raise your body's toxin level and contribute to disease. Toxins affect the pineal gland hypothalamus, the part of the brain that controls behaviour, emotions, sleep cycles, hormones and immunity. The pineal gland is key to health, the endocrine system and toxins in the lymph poison it, the organs and feed foreign invaders in the lymphatic system.

Most disease is likely caused by parasites, molds, viruses, bacteria, and pathogens, GMO's often found in environmental and and dietary neurotoxins. Antibiotic and Vaccines contaminants damage the body, cross the blood brain barrier, toxify cells and organs and give viruses, parasites and bacteria and yeast a stronghold in the body. Because your lymphatic system extends into your brain. It can affect your mind, moods, hormones, enzymes everything in your body. The ratio of bacteria to your cells is 10 to 1 cell. If your gut bacteria is altered, you are genetically modified! According to Dr. Jennifer Daniels, it isn't viruses that are the most dangerous, as they are symbiotic. They can live in harmony with you. But worms are parasitic, they will kill you. They create what is called "bio-films" to disguise themselves from your immune system. Specific herbs and h202, juices, and natural enzymes distroy these biofilms. So does fasting.

Parasites nest in your lymphatic system. So, you must be careful when taking antibiotics. They allow the bad gut parasites to proliferate and penetrate deeper into your lymphatic system. As their numbers explode with antibiotic use, unchecked by the good bacteria, they seek out more real estate. It is essential to avoid antibiotics because they disturb the terrain of your lymphatic system, killing off good bacteria and enabling bad parasites, pathogens and bacteria to get a stronghold in your body and to expand and break through your body membrane. Their waste products cause acidity, blood poisoning and they can appear as tumors or cysts lodged in your body. Draining your hormones and blood. Pharmaceuticals tax cleansing organs like your liver and kidneys. Vaccines add foreign invaders to your body including heavy metals, molds and expectorants, like yellow mold and more, see video below.

EMF's - Electromagnetic Frequencies

Hybridized & GMO Foods

Spiritual/Psychological No Peace or Balance

Tall Mountain and LAke

Exposure to EMFS, Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF) can cause disease. Microwave ovens transform your food into a substance unknown to the planet. Cell phones, power lines, computers, wifi all generate EMF's. “Electromagnetic Fields” B. Blake Levitt, found that (1) children exposed to 3mG or more had a four time higher than expected rate of leukemia; and (2) that men exposed to 3mG or more at work suffered three times the expected rate of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. There are many options for reducing and avoiding EMF exposure. There are many ways one can be exposed to them and many ways to avoid them. It is their combined influence that reduces your ability to fight disease.

What we have eaten from the beginning occurs in nature as an "original food." But over time, people have cross-bred like fruits, vegetables and animals with other "kinds" disturbing the earth and body's balance. This makes them acidic to a body that requires alkalinity for optimum health. GMOs are even worse than hybrids are to the body. GMOs are experimental gene combinations, “genetically modified organisms,” plants or animals engineered with DNA from bacteria, viruses or other plants and animals outside of their kind, in other words, outside their phylum, class, order, family, genus, or species. Moreover, when they enter your gut they genetically modify you via altering your gut bacteria, because your gut bacteria is about 90% of your DNA and extends right into your brain via your lymph system.

When we feel lost, disconnected from the source of all things, when we don't know our people, land, history or identity, we become spiritually ill and physically ill. Knowing who you are, what your purpose is, and that you are loved and in community is essential to spiritual (psyche means spirit) health. As we think in our hearts so are we. Our choices and decisions work in thought, word, then deed, and this effects our spirit and sense of wholeness. When you know the truth that you are loved by your maker, you are part of a true family, and you have purpose and value, it makes you whole. Knowing your errors are forgiven and that you have been redeemed from it helps you to be able to perform your mission in this life. In doing so, you will do the things that bring yourself and others life.

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