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Into All Truth Video Blog Playlists

View these playlists to find out how Israel lost our Kingdom, Where it is today and to learn prophetically how we regain it. Examine our land, scattering, prophetic regathering, and laws around Appointed Times so we can return to the ancient Path, and return to our heritage.

Yahsharel: Promises Prophecy Scattering Women & More

EXODUS - What We Missed In The Wilderness

Into All Truth, Yahsharel. When will the 2nd Exodus happen? When did the Time of Jacob's Trouble, the African Diaspora begin? Mystery Babylon, Israel as the sign of the times.

Torah Studies from a

Hebraic perspective.


Simple teachings, on biblical principles, easily understood. Short and sweet.

aleph beyt Hebrew Inventors Door to Israel Shavuot sacrificial animals ALEPH BEYT (1).png
STOLEN IDENTITY Europe Went from Negro to Blanco white.png

Identity Theft. How the African Diaspora Evangelized Europe, was sold to the New World, then deported to and sold from Africa.

The King is enthralled with your beauty oh yea Daughters of Jerusalem. Who are the men of Israel called to marry. Can Women teach? Will 7 women take hold of one man? Explore Yahua's Love for you! Did Yahua allow  a million to die over the death of one of his daughters?

GullahArt Prophet Deborah Women of Israel.

Jubilees clearly outlines the lands of Shem, Ham and Japheth. It was a book considered at the Council of Nicaea but more importantly, the Ethiopians kept it.  It keeps the calendar accurately also.

When regard the scripture, Reverse Pangea, even the moon and especially the water, we can learn where the lots of the 3 sons of Noah are.


More importantly we can avoid the curse of failing to be in our father's land.


"Each Man return to his own land" is the command for these times. Come out of Babylon.


Most importantly: Knowing whose land is whose, tell us who Israel is.

What does Pangea have to do with why we are confused about lands? Why AMERICA IS EGYPT.

africa is eden door TO EDEN
ACHOTISUKKOT_Hebrew Israel appointed times festivalsjpg

Mo'eds Are Holy Days, Appointed Times for Israel. They are times you meet with Yahua to worship him to be refreshed, receive council and study Torah. They line up with the 2nd Exodus of the African Diaspora & Return of Yahshua. Passover,  Sukkot and more, not Christmas, and Easter.

Esau is the end of the world and Jacob the beginning of it that followeth. Who is Esau today? Who sold you into slavery? Which nations did he mix with? Will he be judged? How did he get the mantle of Nimrod? Is the black Panther really his symbol?

Is he black and white too?


The Arabs in Africa. The ruling black minority around the world.

You are not to despise your brother Esau? The remnant of Edom.

Why are the Assyrians, Moabites, Libyans today? What about Ishmael?

What Yahua will do to them in these times of Judgment and their promises to those faithful among them.

esau descendants africa european leaders
Mother Goddess Astar of wrath baal balenciaga kindom of darkness

The dark works of the enemy. Know your enemy, our people parish for lack of knowledge. Nephilum, CERN, Ballenciaga, Pharmachia, Chimeria's and Raphaim. For Satan prowels about like a Roaring Lion Seeking Whom he may devour. 

Know your enemy!


White Canaanites, Indians and Egyptians? Black ones too?! Who is the Synagogue of Satan today? Arabs are black? How was the promise for Japheth to dwell in the tents of Shem fulfilled? You mean Japeth is also black?

Cyrus was called "My Anointed One" and his father was of Japehth? The Midianite descendants of Ketura are "priests too!" Who are the real Cushintes?


The Arabs in Africa. The ruling black minority around the world.

Your enemies will be of your own household? The Assyrians and Negro Shemmites who like to be Pharohs and Native Indians.

Canaan amorite Og rapine white giants "Q'