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INTO ALL TRUTH – ORDER for Prayer and Studies - RACHEAL

Updated: Apr 21


YAHUAH What the world calls a “God” but whom we call "Aluhym," the third word in Genesis 1:1. This is his title. Seminary teaches opposite to the actual Hebrew. This is the creator of all, the Aleph and the TAW, or beginning and end. He exists in all, through all and is above all, omnipotent (all powerful), omniscient( all seeing and knowing), all present (omnipresent) everywhere present. He is outside of time and eternal, inside time and he created time. He never came to consciousness, he always was and is and will be and was never created. He is faith, hope and love. LORD means Ba’al, a pagan word for master, all other god’s are really derived from fallen angels, AKA “Nephelim,” or “El’s”. That includes “you.” The judges in Israel were also called "god" or aluha.

YAHUSHA HA MESSIACH– Or Yahoshua. Yah the savior or salvation and anointed one, in the flesh, the deliverer or, respectively, the wealth. Replaces “Jesus”. It is 666 ChiXus - Jesus or Isous (video link) as written in Revelation 12. The number of the beast and name. This is the Antichist. Jesus means “Hail Zeus” or honors the Pagan Roman god Zeus. “Sous” also means pig. Gia means earth. Jesus means “Earth Pig.” Messiach means the “Anointed one.” Anointed to rule as King and Priest. We do not say “Christ” because it is what Tammuz and ancient Satanic or Babylonian gods referred to their so called “messiah” as. You cannot use names like Zambi or Sonini Nanini. If you pray or study with us you give your word not to use these names intentionally and to suffer Yahua's judgment if you do.(Please do your own research)

RUACH CHODESH – This replaces Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit in Hebrew. Spirit is an okay word to be used. But the “Ruach” is the Hebrew word for the set apart Spirit of Yah. The Rephiam or “offspring of the fallen angels” today wander the earth as “Ghosts” not being made for heaven or earth, or Sheol, they are demons who seek to possess you and be worshipped.

The purpose of our prayer and study groups is to go through the scriptures together and to learn to study the word. As we see below, “no scripture is of any private interpretation.’ And it is what Yah says, not what we think or believe.


HEART AND MIND-SET:  STUDY PRINCIPALS: WE ARE BEING “REMADE” IN YAH’S IMAGE – Understand HIS WAY, not by your ways or the world’s ways.

RISE UP IN YAH’S IMAGE IN YAHUSA - DIE TO THE IDOLS OF SATAN’S RELIGIONS, THE WORLD & THE IDOL OF SELF We are putting ourselves to death. We are killing the Idols of the World, and the “Idol of Self” as we are CONFORMED to Yah’s image. For “Now we see through a glass darkly but then we shall see face-to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known.” 1 Corinthians 13:12


Please look at the word anew.


Imagine you cheated on your husband (or wife) and he took you back. While you were away you got so confused that when you came back to your faithful husband, always compared the person you cheated with to him, and gave credit to all he did for you to the person you cheated with. And you even dared to call him by the name of the person you were unfaithful with? That’s how Yah sees it. And he is the creator of you and everything. He is not just your boss, not just your husband, or father or mother, whom you would surely call what they asked you to call them, but this is The Most High. Please use his name as written in Hebrew, the language of creation.


Refrain from comparing any other faith to his, not “Christianity,” Buddhism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam, Magic.... He is the first, is the way.

Worldly standards are not the standard. That includes Christian ones. What is on the page is all that matters. Please view our "Statment of Faith" on our home page to understand what we believe about Yahusha and Yahua. We believe that there is a godhead as written in scripture. We see Yahua come in many forms. Father, Ruach, Son, Angel and many elements like a consuming fire, a rushing wind, light and more. Yet he is one, ecad, whole and Yahua is the head, the Most High. We believe what is on the page, the word, who is Yahusha/Law.

Please consider: "everything else," all "doctrines" as named by Christianity or other religions, though it may contain partial truth, as a corruption. By the WORD, YAHUSHA, ALL things were created. They are what YAH says, what he calls a thing, practice, it is, not what another religion says. He is the originator.


You must not invoke the names of other gods; they must not be heard on your lips.” Exodus 23:13 This is Yah’s command to his people. Ezekiel 44:23 “The are to teach make a difference between the holy (chodesh, set apart) and the profane and cause them to discern between the clean and unclean.”




1.     MY WAYS ARE NOT YOUR WAYS: MY WAYS ARE HIGHER THAN YOUR WAYS HIS IMAGE-“NOT YOURS” Like Yahusha “You Die.” And are risen in life. Yah is LIFE “CHAYA”

Isaiah 55:8-9 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith YAHUA. 9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

2.     THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS WITHIN YOU! You are Chodesh, set apart. You have the CODE within you.  YAHUA IS & WE ARE PREPARING YOU TO BE A PRIEST

a.     As part of a “Nation of Kings and Priests.” Exodus 19:6 “And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and an holy nation." – How is Yahua communicating his word to YOU as you read?

b.    READING THE WORD: What is the Ruach showing YOU? WHAT does the word “say,” not what did the church teach or Buddhism, or what does doctrine say? What does it, the WORD say, right in front of you? Read it with new eyes!!!


a.     Revelation 1:8 I am Aleph  and the taw   , the beginning and the ending, saith Yahua, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.

b.     Isaiah 46:10  “Declaring the end from the beginning,” And from ancient times things which have not been done, Saying, ‘My purpose will be established, And I will accomplish all My good pleasure’;

c.     Ecclesiastes 1:9 Whatever has happened, will happen again; whatever has been done, will be done again. 10 "Look," they say, "here is something new!" But no, it has all happened before, long before we were born.

d.     Ecclesiastes 7:8 The end of a matter is better than its beginning; Patience of spirit is better than haughtiness of spirit.


a.     Malachi 3:6 "For I am YAHUA I do not change; Therefore you are not consumed, O sons of Jacob.


Deuteronomy 17:6 On the evidence of two witnesses or three witnesses, he who is to die shall be put to death; he shall not be put to death on the evidence of one witness.

2 Corinthians: This is the third time I am coming to you. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.

2 Peter 1:19-21 And so we have the prophetic word confirmed, which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts; knowing this first, that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation, for prophecy never came by the will of man, but chodesh (holy) men of Yahua spoke as they were moved by the Ruach Chodesh (Holy Spirit.)

c.   LAW OF FIRST MENTION First mentions can be helpful and useful in our study of the Bible. The law of first mention is not a rigid standard, but a helpful guideline when used along with other rules of solid hermeneutics.


5     THE HEBRAIC THOUGHT IS FUNCTIONAL: BEING, MOVING, DOING, not abstract and is completely tied to Yah’s COMMANDMENTS – “In Yahua we live and MOVE, and have our being.” ACTS 17:28 Faith in Yahua is evidenced by WORKS. But your WORKS do not redeem or save, they are the FRUIT of following the COMMANDS. “The Law (Commandments) of Yahua is perfect, converting the soul. The testimony of Yahua is sure, making wise the simple.” Psalm 19:7-14. It is how we are sanctified. How truth is proven in us.



We may mix studies with prayer. But we need to be efficient with our time. If you have any questions about scripture, that are not susinct and won't receive a brief answer, please submit questions later as a private question if it is not in agreement with what is being taught. And submit any differences on the word with 2 or more witnesses on both sides of the issue to prove your research. Men especially, we expect action from you as future heads. We must all work out our salvation with fear and trembling. We are to study to show ourselves approved. That is Yahua's requirement. But prayer groups are not for discussion, only prayer. Studies may permit short questions and ruach led comentary. Do not comment unless led by the Ruach to do so.



7   GIFTS OF THE RUACH. Prophecy is above all.  WE permit you to demonstrate all gifts of the Ruach. We do not pray in tongues as it requires a presense of two or more to interpret only known languages and interpret specific words, repeatedly as any interpreter in the world can. For the sake of order it can be too disruptive and you would be required to write a detailed study on it referencing all aspects of the teaching I have done on it avialable here: SHAVUOT PRAYING IN TONGUES . I also make it available for memebers as a study. Yah may have me pray in Hebrew by the Ruach one day and there will be an intepreter. 


8 YAH IS NOT THE AUTHOR OF CONFUSION: Guidelines for order are detailed last: Leadership dictates the order. Please keep comments short, keep technical discussions off line or for later to not disrupt the flow of the Ruach. If for technical reasons you lose contact, try to get back in. If you must wait till another day, be patient. We provide no technical support. Keep question on topic. If you don't know what that means, research what it means to stay on topic.

·       Morehs will moderate the discussion. We want everyone to comment. You will ALL BE Priests in the Kingdom. We are a family and body.

·       Just say, “may I say something?” Better still, please raise your hand before speaking to prevent cross-talk. It is in the App, where you see the … three dots for reactions.

·       Respect others – keep your mic open insuring you are in a quiet space when not talking, especially if family is about making noise in the background.

·       Do not argue or debate. Respect others views and let them state them. Only respond to questions you are asked directly. If you feel you have the answer, ask to offer it. You do not have to agree, always.

·       Stay on topic. Do not run ahead in the lesson unless it is germane to the discussion.

·       Do not interrupt. Be mic aware. You may be interrupted by instructors, however, to keep the discussion on track for the sake of time, order and the study or clarity or correction on the subject discussed.

·       Scriptures may be provided in the chat and shown on screen, but not always or throughout the discussion. Do have your bible ready with the scriptures. It’s good to mark your bible personally.

·       Please rebuke or correct or admonish privately as per scripture if you have any issues with anyone.

·       Please know that Yah is moving men toward leadership, as much as you are able, respect their headship at all times. Men respect women also.

·       We do not teach polygamy or that women do not teach as there have been many female leaders in Israel.

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